All Players registered for League and Open Play are welcome to Open Play on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.

Classic League

GVTTC's Classic League features the best players in Rochester. New players along with some of the lowest ranked regular players from last year, must try out. Tryouts are usually in September prior to the league starting in October. The club opens at 5 P.M. with play beginning no later than 6:30 P.M. and ending before 10 P.M.

2016-2017 season

This season the league will again follow two formats similar to the last several years:

  • Teams (Format A) interspersed with,
  • Ladder (Format B)

The formats are described in more detail in the League Rules document.

Teams are composed of 3 players, with 8-10 teams playing each session and 2-4 teams with byes. Each player plays three singles matches against the other team and a single doubles-match is played between the teams with pairings rotating week to week.

Each ladder night consists of 32 players with 4 players receiving a bye. The 32 players are separated into 8 groups of 4 players each playing on 8 tables. Each table will play a round robin among the four. After each week's play, the top two of each table round robin will move up the ladder and the bottom two will move down the ladder, making it likely (after accounting for bye players who keep their position) that each player plays on a different table the next time. This year, a sub's results will affect a player's ladder standings.

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