All Players registered for League and Open Play are welcome to Open Play on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.

Monday League

Monday League Stats

Monday League Schedule

The Monday League is suitable for players at all levels from beginners to advanced players. The Monday league lends itself to more intense and competitive play. This league is suitable for players looking to improve and maintain their competitive edge.

League Composition

  • Players at All Skill Levels welcome.
    • No tryouts
    • Friends and Family placed together if possible (by request to league director, subject to considerations of team balance).
  • 7 - 16 teams of 4 players each
    • On each team players are ranked initially from 1-4 by the league director.

League Play, Stats and Prizes

  • Three matches per player per night (12 matches per team)
    • Play against members of opposing team
  • Win-Loss stats by player and team provided each week
    • See your rank among players in your division
    • See what place your team is in
  • Medallions awarded at the end of the season
    • Team medallions for top ranking teams!
    • Player medallions for top ranking players!
  • Ratings Central Ratings updated every week
    • See how you rank among league, club and even professional players worldwide
    • Get quick, independent feedback on your progress as a competitive table tennis player

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