FLEX League Signup

Welcome to the GVTTC FLEX League! FLEXible league allows you to play in a competitive format as your schedule allows. The scoring was designed to encourage participation and reward improvement, not just your win/loss record.

FLEX League Stats

Current Registered This Friday: (Soon we'll be giving you access to those that signed up for the next Friday play)
Who can play?
  • Anybody! Cost is $7 per night for League or Open Play members.  $10 per night for the rest
  • 24 MAX Spots!  Website signup up until 5pm day of is priority.  After 5pm, you’ll need to walk up and see if there’s room.

How it works?

  • Signup is for a single session on the day specified, not an entire season like with our traditional leagues
  • Flex League awards will be based on a 2 month snapshot.  For Example, January/Feruary then March/April.  Our first session will run from Nov. 15, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2019 on Fridays.
  • Although there are benefits for attending each week, you are NOT required to commit for every session in the two month FLEX League.
  • Players are allowed to sign up on the fly up until 5:00pm on the day of the league. If you need to withdraw for any reason (work, traffic, etc) please notify us by 6:00pm.
  • Depending on the number of signups, players will be split into 2-4 groups based on RatingsCentral rating. From there, random draws will be used to assign 3-5 players to a table for a round robin.
  • Draws will be created after 6:00pm and league play begins at 6:30pm. If you do not arrive by 7:00pm you will not receive league points.


  • Results will be processed in RatingsCentral to determine whether each player's rating went up or down.
  • Players receive 1 league point for playing their matches.
  • Players receive an additional 1 league point if their RatingsCentral rating stays neutral OR an additional 2 league points if their RatingsCentral rating goes up.
  • Examples:
    • Bob starts the night with a rating of 1050. He goes 2-1 for the night and his new rating is 1077. Bob will receive 1 point for playing and 2 points for improving for a total of 3 league points for the night.
    • John starts the night with a rating of 1430. He goes 1-2 for the night and his new rating is 1402. John will receive 1 point for playing.

Ranking and awards (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

  • The ranking order is determined first by total number of league points, with match win percentage and then game win percentage being used for tiebreakers.
  • There will be three award categories: Beginner (RatingsCentral <600), Intermediate (RatingsCentral 600-1200), and Experienced (RatingsCentral >1200).
  • Prize Money:  GVTTC will reserve 35% of monies collected toward an award payout pool.  Each category will receive a cash award based on end of FLEX league results (every 2 months).
  • Award payout pool will be distributed at the end of each FLEX league session based on results as follows.
    • Experience:  1st place gets 22% | 2nd place gets 11%
    • Intermediate:  1st place gets 22% | 2nd place gets 11%
    • Beginner:  1st place gets 22% | 2nd place gets 11%


You can join for a single month of open play here: https://www.gvttc.com/Summer2019Registration