GVTTC on Live TV

Hannah Welker of the WUHF/FOX TV Channel 13 reported live on the GVTTC from the Rochester Sports Garden on Thu Apr 2. She interviewed and played Table Tennis as part of a three segment broadcast. In the first segment she talked to Burair Kothari, Roger Haidvogel and Kalina Kron; about the club, training techniques, equipment etc.

In the second segment Hannah learned to hit a forehand drive during multiball practice. She was a fast learner, and got the ball on the table quickly. Her backhand is even better and seems like she had some fun learning to play!
In the third segment Hannah interviewd Michael Brown about his participation in the upcoming Para PanAm games and his Olympic quest. She also talked with Dominic Sanzotta about his participation in the Classic League and Tournaments around the area. She ended the show by soliciting information from Roger about joining the club leagues and open play. Thanks, Hannah; you did a very nice job in promoting Table Tennis to your viewers and highlighting the Health and Wellness benefits of this sport that anyone can play.
Thanks also to all the other club members who came out early in the morning. Here are their names (hope I am not missing anyone): Jack Mould, Sri Ramaswamy, Lora and Jay Lonadier, Mary Litavsky, Nabil Matmati, Bob Swarthout, Bimal Khadka, Koen and Kort Kron, Ishaq and Lulua Kothari.