All Players registered for League and Open Play are welcome to Open Play on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.

Wednesday League

Wednesday 2020 Spring League Schedule

Wednesday 2020 Spring League Results

Absences and Subs

The Wednesday League welcomes players at all levels and is suitable for players just taking up the sport, as well as club league players more advanced in their game. The emphasis during match play is on maintaining a competitive league while also fostering a friendly social atmosphere, encouraging to beginners.

League Schedule and Composition

  • Players at All Skill Levels are welcome.
    • No tryouts
    • "Two sessions" format allows players new to the club to be appropriately ranked by the end of the first session.
  • 7 - 12 teams of 4 players each
    • On each team players are ranked initially from 1-4 by the league director.
  • Two sessions
    • Fall Session from Sep - Dec
    • Spring Session from Jan - Apr

League Play, Stats and Prizes

  • Three matches per player per night ( 12 matches per team )
    • Play against members of opposing team
  • Win-Loss stats by player and team provided each week
    • See your rank among players in your division
    • See what place your team is in
  • Medallions awarded at the end of the season
    • Team medallions for top ranking teams!
    • Player medallions for top ranking players!

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