The Genesee Valley Table Tennis Club of Rochester, New York plays at the Rochester Sports Garden in an excellent facility with great playing conditions: Tournament quality Joola and Butterfly tables, high ceilings, an ample well-lit parking lot and wonderful Pulastic flooring. The history of the club dates to the 1930's, and it has produced, and is continuing to produce, many fine players who have competed successfully nationally and internationally. More historical details are available by clicking the history button below.

Table tennis is an enjoyable and demanding Olympic sport suitable for all ages and our members range from ages 8 to 85. It is one of the quickest sports in existence and one of the most demanding mentally. Come see why table tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world.

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How can I join and play ping pong with you guys?
You can join by clicking the join button on this page, or the homepage. We have several leagues available, as well as open play (practice) on Saturdays
What equipment will I need?
There are paddles and balls that can be borrowed but you are encouraged to bring your own. Check out Joolausa.com if you are interested in stepping up your game. Athletic shoes are a must and athletic apparel is encouraged.
How good ARE you guys? Am I going to be blown out the second I get there?
We have players of all levels, so don't worry! You will probably notice the variation of skill as soon as you arrive and it shouldn't be too hard to pick out who the right competition is.
Whats the difference between ping pong and table tennis?
Call it whatever you want! At GVTTC, we play by the official table tennis rules. You can find these rules on USATT.org or ITTF.com.