Table Tennis rackets/paddles are made of blades with a sponge rubber covering on both sides. Blades are all wooden, or composite which means they are mostly wood with one or more thin layers of other material (such as carbon, kevlar etc.). The wooden portion is also often composed of many layers of different types of wood. The variation in wood type and the addition of layers of other material makes a blade react differently when it impacts the ball. This affects the speed, spin and control a racket provides in shot-making. 

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Listed below are some other blades recommended by club members.

Inexpensive all wood blade with good speed and ball feel. A great blade for those who are assembling their first racket after using pre-made blade/rubber setup bought at retail stores.

A lightweight blade, for fast attacking strokes. Easy on the arm due to the light weight, but sacrifices some speed due to the lack of weight. Not too expensive, a great choice for younger players with good arm speed and fast strokes.

A controlled blade with great feel for the ball. Very good for players who prefer placement and spin variations over speed and power in their strokes. Excellent choice for players who like to defend as well as attack.