GVTTC Coaching

AJ Carney


I grew up in Rochester and have been a part of GVTTC since my dad (Wayne Carney) brought me to watch him play over 25 years ago. I am excited to say that after being away for the past 7 years, I will be returning as Head Coach of GVTTC.

I helped start Triangle Table Tennis (the largest club in USA) in Morrisville, NC back in 2014 where I was the Assistant Center Manager and Senior Elite Coach for the last 5 years. I have learned a lot throughout my time there and am very excited to bring back my knowledge, ideas, and experience to GVTTC.

I will be focused on hosting training camps once a month, several group lessons of various skill levels, private lessons, creating a new exciting Open League concept for Wednesday evenings, ramping up our tournaments, building our youth/junior programs, bringing in new faces for league play/open play/training/tournaments and much more!

If any of you need to contact me, my cell phone is 585-402-4204.

Horace Byfield

I have organized and played many sports over the years. I am experienced in coaching tennis and soccer and have helped many players with their table tennis strokes. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge of the sports I play, I am very passionate about the sport of table tennis and I am very patient in passing this info to my students. I always try to learn new techniques which I also try to pass on to my students. I have been trained in coaching the modern sport of table tennis and I hold an internationally recognized ITTF Level 1 coaching credential as well as a USATT State level coaching credential.
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