Plans for NEW tournaments

Hoping to put together 2-3 more tournaments each year. Lets discuss any ideas or suggestions for tournaments here. I've already spoken with a few people that have suggested locations, different tournament formats, and marketing. 

If anyone has any suggestions for new locations, this is something thats been requested a ton.

I think we can pull off a couple ONE DAY tournaments, using our Saturday Open Play hours, plus buying 2-3 hours from the Sports Garden. We can do some math for how many players could be accommodated for 8 tables. Perhaps a Giant RR in the AM and PM, giving table time for six groups of 8? I suggest a couple different formats (each are easy to run - they kind of run themselves):

- a giant RR

- a two person team event

Of course, anyone who will be our new tournament director(s) will be mentored by any number of us who have run tournaments in the past. And, heck, we need new ideas too!


Thanks -



Club Coach

I think a two man tournament with doubles with be a good format for a separate, smaller tournament.