Club Equipment

The club provides tables and a venue for its players to play table tennis in a safe, fun and competitive environment. The GVTTC currently has 14 Joola Atlanta tables which have ITTF approval for use in international competition. These tables were used in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and are now sold under the brand-name Joola Olymp; they are made by Kettler in Germany:

The club also owns 4 Butterfly club tables.

The club provides ball throwing robots made by Newgy, for use in group lessons or in coaching sessions. Club equipment includes around 30 barriers to separate courts.

Equipment maintainence and providing impetus and direction to procure new club equipment is handled by the equipment committee. The committee members can be reached via a contact form by clicking the button below:

Contact the Club Equipment Comittee

Personal Equipment

Many club league and tournament players take special care in choosing their equipment, since the characteristics of the table tennis racket, ball, shoes and clothing affect the quality of play, as well as the comfort and  safety of the player. 

The links below lead to lists of table tennis equipment with online sources recommended by experienced players at the GVTTC. The Club has a sponsorship agreement with Joola, a world renowned equipment manufacturer. Joola offers GVTTC members special prices on equipment, often substantially less that those available online through their website or through other online retailers.