Footwork and movement in table tennis involves rapid changes of direction, quick weight shifts from one foot to the other and the necessity to "keep on one's toes"  in making quick decisions to move for shots. As an indoor court sport, non-marking soles are important as well as soles with rounded edges which wrap around a little to the side of the foot, this may prevent ankle injuries in quick side-to-side movement. Grippiness of the sole is especially important and most shoes suitable for table tennis should have grippy rubber soles.

Club sponsor Joola sells shoes made specifically for Table Tennis and offers club members a discount.

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Below are some other shoes used by players at the club.

A lightweight shoe designed for indoor courts available at a reasonable price. It has a nice, grippy sole and good cushioning. It is not very flexible, however.

Lightweight, grippy and flexible. The cushioning is poor however, so you need to buy a sports insole with this shoe. Perhaps the stiching and gluing of the sole is not as durable as some others. Make sure to buy 1/2 to 1 size larger to accomodate an insole. Can't go too far wrong with a $20 shoe.