Would you be more inclined to join the lessons if a day-to-day option was available?

79% (23 votes)
21% (6 votes)
Total votes: 29


It's not good we cannot play Saturdays as a daily fee now. 

This is to make it harder to play a Table tennis than playing golf.

I really like to have the Saturday play daily fee policy back!!!

From my understand we are not allowed to do offer this because we are listed as a social and recreation club. I can look into this more.

Edit: Private golf courses do not have a pay-to-play offer either. Members pay to sponsor a guest and are limited ot the number of guests allowed. Since we are classified as a social club, we abide by the same rules.

The lessons idea is good but I think there should be an allotted time set for practicing, for those of us who would like to do multi ball and service drills. We could help each other in this aspect. This could be done on a Sunday after noon as long as members who would like to do these drills, are willing to pay the extra Sports garden time. Just like paying for the lessons.

Horace, I like that idea too. I think coaching/training is what will help a club grow. Players get better, tournametns become more competitive, more players want to join and grow themselves. In China, as part of their training, juniors are shown how to deliver multiball to each other so that by the time they are 2400 level players, they are also expert at giving multiball. One of the lessons I'd like to give is how to give multiball, train well, and be a good practice partner. Most players simply do not know how to train correctly.

Would the lessons offered to the 3s and 4s still be available as part of the fees paid for league play?

Right now the only lessons I know of are the ones Ray offers during the summer and over some holiday breaks. For those in the summer you get a few lessons once a week. You ask if we would be more inclined to participate in a lesson if a day to day option were available. Is the proposal to offer lessons more frequently throught the year? Is the proposal assuming that each lessons is self-contained, rather than part of a series as Ray has been doing it? I ask these questions so I can better answer yours. Thanks.

In general I very much like the idea of even more lesson opportunities, even though I haven't been able to take advantage of all that Ray has offered due to my own time conflicts.

These would be separate from the lessons being offered now and would most likely be offered on a weekly, bi weekly, or monthly basis.