The 1980's to present

In 1986, the club moved yet again, this time to the Indian Community Center in Macedon. We stayed there for 10 years before moving to the Rochester Sports Garden in Henrietta, near Monroe Community College in 1996. The club plays on 8 tables on a cement floor with very high ceilings. The club still has a Monday league open to all players, and a Tuesday Classic League. Practice time is available on Saturday mornings. Because the Sports Garden is a year round facility catering to multiple indoor sports, players who want extra playing time can rent the club’s tables and play on most any evening.

In the early 2000’s, the game changed again. A larger ball was used – 40 mm. Games were changed to 11 points instead of 21, and only 2 serves instead of 5. In 2008, “speed” glue, which was used by offensive players, was banned. “Frictionless” rubbers were banned, and the rules for service were tightened to remove hiding the ball, either with the body or the free hand.

The club grew, adding a third weekly league on Wednesdays. An effort has been made to incorporate lessons to help improve skills. Some of the modern training incorporates the use of “multiball” practice, where the feeder does not return the ball. Also, a junior program was started, and we are seeing the juniors learn quickly and beat many of the adult players.

Year end banquet awards are given for Sportsmanship are given to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday players in honor of Mark Bunce, who played in the Classic League in the 1980’s. Mark passed away as a result of an auto accident while in his 20’s, but his contagious smile and excellent attitude live on with the Sportsmanship award.

The top players of the most recent era are Craig Bensch, AJ Carney, DJ Colt, Brad Gelb, Harry Hawk, Ray Mack, Satrajit (Sam) Mookherhee and Ming Xu.