Notable Members

The club’s executive committee members and tireless workers behind the scenes are Bob Brickell, Horace Byfield, Wayne Carney, Alan Estill, John Foxton, Scott Grodevant, Jeff Koch, Mary Beth MacClaren, Ray Mack, Guy McLean, Ralph Prescott, Sri Ramaswamy, Marty Salata, Roger Haidvogel, Walt Soffer and Don Young.

It must be mentioned that Mary Beth MacClaren has been extremely influential and beneficial to the club after her arrival (with son Casey) in the early 2000’s. She was the force and commissioner behind a new league (Wednesday) and its split into two 12 week sessions. Beginning in 2010 we grew our Monday league to its maximum sizes of between 56 and 64 people! It was Mary Beth’s ideas that changed our Saturday open play format to be more inclusive of beginners and newcomers, and she tirelessly ran yearly tournaments for us.

Some things about table tennis have changed and some remain the same. The club still runs leagues and local tournaments yearly. We have always had a mix of players that represent all cultures. They all share the same love for the game.

Members who were or are in the club for the longest tenures are Mike Bacci, Bob Brickell (he made paddles and sold equipment for over 50 years!), Tom Brickell, John Foxton, Cliff Hagen, Doug Kleinhammer, Roger Haidvogel, Walt Soffer, Ray Mack, Ted Mosher, Walt Stephens, John VanDeursen and Don Young.