Points of Interest

Rochester has provided more than a few top flight table tennis competitors. Among them:

Tex Lloyd was the #3 ranked Senior in the country.

Ben Morgan was ranked in the U.S. top 20 for several years and won the County Championship 9 times.

Ted Mosher was ranked #29 in the U.S. in 1942 and won County Championships 22 years apart!

Dave Hunt was County Junior and Open Champion, and attained a national Junior ranking of #5.

Andy Anvelt climbed to a Junior ranking of #5, and made the finals of the U.S. Open Junior Doubles.

Don Coluzzi won 13 straight local tournaments in the Open division.

Bob Brickell has won the U.S. Senior Olympics Gold medal for singles several times, and was still ranked in the top 6 in his age group nationally into the early 2000’s.

Ray Mack was ranked in the U.S. top 50, and was in the County finals in Open singles 15 consecutive years. As an Esquire and Senior Esquire player (over 50 and 60), he made the finals of both the singles and doubles events at the U.S. Nationals, and rose to a ranking of #4 in the U.S. as he reached the Senior Esquire events. As a hard bat player, he was in the finals of more than ten events at the U.S. Nationals, including 4 consecutive years in the Over 40 competition. He won the U.S. Nationals Open Hard Bat Doubles three times, and has won 3 Gold Medals in U.S. Senior Olympics events in singles and 2 Gold Medals in doubles (with John Foxton), Open Singles Gold Medal at the Huntsman Senior World Games and won the Gold Medal in his age group four times at the Huntsman Senior World Games.

Don Young is a nationally ranked Senior Esquire player, and won U.S. Senior Olympics Gold Medals in singles and doubles for his age group, and the Gold Medal in his age group at the Huntsman Senior World Games.

Jim Shoots, aka “the Shooter”, won the County tournament Open division 5 years in a row. He and Ray Mack (with only 2 players) played their way into the Open category 3 man National Table Tennis Team championships! Once, during a match with Lim Ming Chui, one of the top players in the country, he roared back from a 2 games to 0, 20-10 deficit to win the best 3 out of 5 match!! He also holds a win against In Sook Bhushan during her peak years, when she was winning her record 11 U.S. women’s championships.

Casey MacClaren won the top singles record for the Wednesday league (2009-10) at the age of 14!

AJ Carney was ranked in the top 12 nationally as a junior player in the U-14, U-16 and U-18 categories, and advanced to the finals of the U.S. Nationals in Singles and Doubles in hard bat. He remains our only club player who had a rating over 2300.

John Foxton twice won the U.S. Senior Olympics Gold Medal in doubles (with Ray Mack) and Silver Medal in singles.

The club has bestowed lifetime achievement awards to Walt Stephens (posthumously), Bob Brickell, Ray Mack and Marty Salata.