Club Hours

May thru September 2019:

  • Mon: 5pm-10pm (League)
  • Tue: 5pm-10pm (Open Play)
  • Wed: 5pm-10pm (Open Play)
  • Sat: 9am-3pm (Open Play)

Where we play

Rochester Sports Garden

1460 E Henrietta Rd
Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 427-2240


2014 Rochester Open Results

Saturday Events

U2400: Runner up: Colin Greenidge,  Winner: Alex Csibi (-6, 8, 5, 7)

U1200: Runner up: Ed Bizari, Winner: Erik Ferguson (5, -9, 9, 2)

U1600: Runner up: Fernando Rios, Winner: David Shih (9, -10, 10, -8, 10)

OPEN SINGLES: Runner up: Bijia Zhang, Winner: Jishan Liang (8, 9, 6)

WOMEN: Runner up: Terry Byrne, Winner: Kalina Kron (7, 11, -8, 5)

U2200: Runner up: Ray Mack, Winner: Stephan Charbonneau (7, 6, -9, 6)

Sunday Events

U1400: Runner up: Brian Trip, Winner: Zack Wawrzaszek (0, 10, -8, 6)

U2000: Runner up: Dustin Zemaitis, Winner: Andre Maronian (2, 10, -5, 6)

U1000: Runner up: David Donald, Winner: Koen Kron (6, 4, -9, -5, 5)

U1800: Runner up, Jiadong Xu, Winner: Roger Haidvogel (7, 8, -8, -8, 4)

SENIOR O50: Runner up: Roger Haidvogel, Winner: Ray Mack (7, 5, 8)


2014 Tournament Sponsor Referral Program

For every sponsor you refer, no matter what the level, you will receive $10 off your tournament registration. You may refer an unlimited number of sponsors.

E.g) If your registration ends up totaling $50, and you refer two sponsors, you're registration will end up being $30. ($10 + $10 = $20 off).

Sponsorship referrals are due by February 22nd. A sponsor must contact me (despreston and let me know that you have referred them. All sponsors must sign up with a payable check made out to GVTTC.

2013 Jr. Fundraiser Results

Before I take off for the Nationals in Las Vegas tomorrow morning, I wanted to thank everybody for their generous participation and donations! Looks like we are over $800 in the profit ledger. The only costs for this tourney were $40 for trophy nameplates. A couple people said they would also donate but didn't have any cash on hand today. So it's all good and we should end up at $830!


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